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Wein Junganlage über einen Hügel

Weinhof Froschauer

Uhudlerflaschen großaufnahme Etikett


Our main variety is the Uhudler, an ancient and now cult drink of southern Burgenland. It comes from American vines. In our vineyard, especially the varieties Concord, Ripatella and Dellaware.  It is a direct producer and extremely resistant to phylloxera and fungal diseases. Its bouquet has a typical direct carrier taste of wild berries, raspberries, strawberries and "Foxton".

Since we don't just dedicate our love of wine to the Uhudler, we can expect more organic wines in the future. Already planted, we can hardly wait to harvest and press the first grapes.


Good things come to those who wait. And we have time, or rather: we take it. This is the only way that first-class wines can be made from the decades-old apple trees that have always been growing on our sun-drenched orchards in southern Burgenland.
Because it is these old stocks that give our ciders their unmistakable taste and characterize the landscape.
And at the same time many animals and plants have a natural one
provide living space.

From fruity and pure to sparkling and refreshing to dry or slightly acidic: Our wines tickle the palate naturally, without chemicals or other additives. And they go just as well with a hearty lard sandwich as with a light three-course meal. Handpicked, carefully developed and carefully bottled with all our expertise and passion.

In our product range we have a wide variety of cider varieties, pure or cuvetted

Apfelweinflaschen im Regal
Frisches Bauernbrot


An old tradition in our house is the farmer's bread. Even in the days of our great-grandparents, bread was baked in the wood oven and the recipe and experience were passed on from generation to generation. Our bread is still made with sourdough. If you are interested, please contact us. Fresh farmer's bread can be ordered in advance every Friday.


You can of course find our products here in the shop or at our Weinhof.

And also in markets and bars

please refer

Apfelwein Serviert im Weinglas dahinter sie Apfelweinflasche auf einen Holztisch


Unsere Weingärten und Streuobstwiesen 

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